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How well do you know Andrew Carnegie?

26 Oct 2023

Welcome to the Andrew Carnegie quiz. Carnegie's business acumen was unrivalled, making him an inspiration to some and a hypocrite to others. His innovations, his contributions to the steel industry, and, of course, his charity work throughout his life will be remembered by many.
But how much do you remember about him? This quiz is specially designed to test your knowledge about his upbringing, his earliest ventures, and some of his notable projects.
So let’s delve into this mind-boggling quiz on Andrew Carnegie.


Quiz questions

  • Andrew Carnegie was born in which city in Scotland?

    • Dunfermline
    • Edinburgh
    • Aberdeen
    • Glasgow
  • Andrew’s father was in which profession?

    • He was a banker
    • He was a handloom weaver
    • He was a steel industrialist
    • He was a politician
  • Which job helped Andrew Carnegie identify the social elites of Philadelphia?

    • He worked as a personal assistant to Thomas Scott
    • He undertook a massive project, which helped him build connections
    • His position as president of Carnegie Steel
    • He took on a job delivering telegrams across the city
  • What is the name of the massive bridge Andrew Carnegie constructed in 1874?

    • The Eads Bridge
    • Golden Gate Bridge
    • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Seven Mile Bridge
  • How much time did the Bessemer converter take to manufacture a single steel rail?

    • 15 days
    • 15 hours
    • 15 minutes
    • 15 months
  • Andrew decided to name his steel company after which person?

    • Thomas Scott
    • Andrew Carnegie
    • William Carnegie
    • Edgar Thompson
  • Which company did Andrew Carnegie join after he left the Pennsylvania Railroad Company?

    • U.S. Steel
    • Edgar Thompson Steel Works
    • Keystone Bridge Company
    • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Which day did Andrew Carnegie used to give a holiday to his steel plant laborers?

    • 25 December
    • 31 October
    • 4 July
    • 1 January
  • What practices did Carnegie follow to ensure efficiency in production?

    • He controlled costs by overworking his workers
    • He used unskilled laborers to perform repetitive tasks
    • He bought in several machines and replaced manual labors
    • All of the above
  • What did Carnegie write in the letter to himself?

    • He vowed to never witness poverty again
    • He vowed to work for two more years and then retire and do charity work
    • He vowed to revolutionize the steel industry by providing Bessemer converters to every steel manufacturers
    • He vowed to create the first billion-dollar company