Space nomenclature race hots up

By Kiron Kasbekar | 26 Mar 2024

The Soviet Union was there first, achieving the milestone of sending Yuri Gagarin into space first, and called its space travelers cosmonauts, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russians, the prime movers of the Soviet space program, have continued with that term.

How Quaker Oats grabbed customers’ attention

By Kiron Kasbekar | 07 Mar 2024

Quaker Oats, the American food products giant that was created in 1901 through the merger of many older oat millers, and was acquired by a bigger foods giant, Pepsi, in 2001, has been an innovative company. One example of its innovativeness shows in its packaging – the cereal box it launched in 1915.

How Ratan Tata turned the tables on Bill Ford

By Aniket Gupta | 27 Feb 2024

Ratan Tata, the great man from the House of Tata, is often lauded for his humility as well as charismatic persona, love for animals, larger-than-life philanthropic endeavors, and decades of hard work to expand the Tata Group. But did you know that there was a time when this Indian business leader had to face humiliation from an American businessman?

Did Coca-Cola ever contain cocaine?

By Aniket Gupta | 20 Feb 2024

Whether Musk was serious about buying the iconic cola giant is still up in the air, but the real twist comes when he mentions “Put cocaine back in it.” What on Earth did he mean by “back”? Was Coca-Cola once laced with cocaine? Have we, the unsuspecting consumers, been unwittingly sipping on a soda loaded with the white stuff? And how in the world has the brand escaped unscathed?

Sad story of the woman after whom the Mercedes car was named

By Kiron Kasbekar | 21 Dec 2023

Mercédès Adrienne Ramona Manuela Jellinek was the daughter of the Austrian automobile visionary, Emil Jellinek, and his first wife, Rachel Goggmann Cenrobert.

Why is the Apple bitten?

By Aniket Gupta | 01 Nov 2023

In the world of tech giants, Apple reigns supreme. We’ve all seen that famous apple with a bite taken out of it gracing laptops, phones, and tablets everywhere. But why the nibble?

The epic tale of Nike’s iconic logo

By Aniket Gupta | 01 Nov 2023

Once upon a time in 1964, in the land of athletic dreams, two visionary souls, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, came together to create a brand that would redefine sports and fashion forever.

When words ignited horsepower: Enzo Ferrari's taunt and Ferruccio Lamborghini’s response

By Aniket Gupta | 31 Oct 2023

Imagine you are a multi-millionaire. You are living comfortably in a huge mansion; you wish to move around in, or are already a member of the rich and famous.

History of recycling glass

05 Oct 2023

Today glass is a very common item of kitchenware, which it has been for centuries. Today it has found many more uses.

Potato shaving cream

By Kiron Kasbekar | 03 Mar 2023

One day I was sitting with some friends, when one of them, who was working with a marketing agency, asked the rest of us

How did watches evolve?

By Kiron Kasbekar | 23 Nov 2022

I was reading an article on how humans and other animals evolved from their primeval ancestors. As you probably know, unless you think some god or gods just decided one fine day to create humans for some strange reason, it was by a process of natural selection!

The proof in the sand

31 Oct 2022

You may squirm, or you may throw a brickbat at me when you read this mixed metaphor. But here it is: the proof of the pudding is written in the sand.

The plural of moose

23 Oct 2022

Do you know what the plural of ‘moose’ is? You know what a moose is, right? You can see what it looks like below

What in heavens is a sandwich?

By Kiron Kasbekar | 21 Oct 2022

A sandwich is just two slices of bread with some vegetables, cheese, meat or other stuff in between.

Who was right, the Americans or the British?

By Kiron Kasbekar | 21 Oct 2022

I did know that British and American spellings of the word were different – the British write ‘tyre’, and the Americans ‘tire’. But I always thought that this was because the Americans wanted to be different from the British.

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