The story of the founder of KFC—Colonel Sanders

By Aniket Gupta | 18 Apr 2024

Do you all know the old man in a white suit in the advertisements done by Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC? The individual portraying the character in the advertisements is Colonel Harland Sanders, the renowned founder of KFC. During the 1960s and 1970s, Sanders gained global fame for his distinctive attire, memorable commercials, and television appearances.

People in history – Robert Bosch

By Kiron Kasbekar | 10 Apr 2024

As a young man, Robert Bosch did not strike people as an ambitious person who might one day become a famous inventor or a big businessman. But he had a craving for knowledge, and a curiosity that later led him on to great accomplishments.

People in history - Augustin Mouchot

By Kiron Kasbekar | 20 Mar 2024

There was a man who, more than a century and a half ago, put in years of hard work to create a new technology to harness the power of the sun, something today’s generation has been trying hard to do now, with growing fears of the depletion of the world’s petroleum resources.

The road to automobile innovation: Henry Ford

By Aniket Gupta | 19 Feb 2024

Automobiles, the preserve of the very rich when they were first introduced in the first decades of the 20th century, and for many decades afterward, have now become a part of our daily lives, emerging as indispensable companions. Some many inventors and entrepreneurs contributed to the development of this industry; but one stands out – Henry Ford.

Charles Ponzi: The architect of fraud

By Aniket Gupta | 07 Feb 2024

Have you ever heard of a Ponzi scheme? If you have read my article on the Ponzi scheme in, then I am sure you know what it is. The fraudulent scheme was devised by a man named Charles Ponzi. So who was Charles Ponzi? An Italian immigrant who scammed some 30,000 people in the US and Canada to make millions of dollars for himself.

Walt Disney, the entertainer

By Kiron Kasbekar | 30 Jan 2024

The name Walt Disney conjures up images of animation, iconic characters that filled our childhoods with laughter and wonder. Those days we didn’t even know of a person with that name, or a company with that name – but we knew of their products – the Walt Disney comics and the Walt Disney films. And then there were the endearing toys and the amusement parks with which the name was associated.

Tim Berners-Lee, Web inventor

By Kiron Kasbekar | 19 Jan 2024

There are hundreds of inventions we see around us that were created in the past century. Made of solid stuff, made from steel, copper, glass, petroleum, plastic, synthetic fibers and such other tangible materials. And there are countless creations made from intangible stuff. The stuff of ideas, such as poems, stories, novels, jokes … And then there is the Internet

Samuel Slater – textile tycoon or traitor?

By Kiron Kasbekar | 26 Dec 2023

Samuel Slater is a name that holds significant importance in the annals of American industrial history. Often referred to as the ‘Father of the American Factory System’, Slater's contributions played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s industrial landscape.

John Pierpont Morgan: The man who shaped America’s banking industry - Part 1

By Aniket Gupta | 30 Oct 2023

One such individual was John Pierpont Morgan. He was a man who created the biggest financial entity in America, which survives to this date and is one of the most influential banking institutions in the world.

Andrew Carnegie: The man who shaped America’s steel industry - Part 2

By Aniket Gupta | 27 Oct 2023

Andrew Carnegie created one of the biggest steel businesses of the 19th century. He introduced many innovations in his steel mill in Pittsburgh and implemented new ways to cut costs and maximize efficiency.

Andrew Carnegie: The man who shaped America’s steel industry - Part 1

By Aniket Gupta | 26 Oct 2023

The story of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie has been described as one of the greatest philanthropists to have lived. Others accuse him of being a hypocrite whose actions caused the deaths of many people.

Hey guys, I want to take over your country!

By Kiron Kasbekar | 06 Oct 2023

Was it Donald Trump’s excessive ambition, or bravado, which he displayed when he told Denmark that he was going to take over Greenland from that country?

Amar Bose

By Kiron Kasbekar | 08 Jul 2023

Had it not been for a strange twist of fate more than a century ago, the Bose speakers, considered the best in their class of products, might never have been created, or even been imagined!

Ralph Nader – activist

By Kiron Kasbekar | 23 Jan 2023

If you’ve ever been involved with a people’s movement, or a consumer movement, it’s likely that you have heard the name of Ralph Nader. More so if you were growing up in the 1960s

George Westinghouse – prolific inventor

25 Oct 2022

If you ever wish to know more about the history of electrical appliances, and do a search, there is little possibility of your missing the name of George Westinghouse. His achievements included several mechanical as well as electrical devices.

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