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Planned obsolescence Quiz

07 Feb 2023


Quiz questions

  • What is planned obsolescence?

    • A process of creating new and improved products for consumers.
    • A marketing strategy where products are designed to become outdated or non-functional after a certain period of time.
    • A manufacturing technique to improve product durability
  • Why do companies practice planned obsolescence?

    • To create a demand for new products and increase profits.
    • To reduce waste and promote sustainability.
    • To improve the quality of products for consumers.
  • What are some examples of products that are designed to become obsolete?

    • Cell phones
    • TV sets
    • Both a and b
  • What are the consequences of planned obsolescence on the environment?

    • Reduced waste and pollution
    • No impact on the environment
    • Increased waste and pollution
  • Can planned obsolescence be prevented?

    • No, it is an inherent part of the consumer goods market
    • Yes, by promoting sustainability and reducing waste.
    • Maybe, through government regulations and consumer activism.