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What is news literacy (and why does it matter)?

06 May 2024

News literacy teaches people how to think critically about timely issues and sources of information, not what to think. It helps foster healthy skepticism while avoiding cynical distrust of all news a

list of newspapers

22 Apr 2024

This is a list of current and historical newspapers organized alphabetically by country of publication. See also newspaper; journalism; news agency; history of

Newscast (radio or television)

27 Mar 2024

Newscast, radio or television summary of news events read by a newscaster or produced with a combination of reading and audio tape for radio or a combination of reading and film or video tape for tele

News of the World (British newspaper)

26 Mar 2024

News of the World, British tabloid newspaper (1843–2011) headquartered in London. It was published weekly by News Group Newspapers Ltd. of News International, a subsidiary of Great Britain’s largest n

Fake news

26 Mar 2024

Other articles where fake news is discussed: Upton Sinclair: …movie theatres, a forerunner of “fake news” and the attack ads on television decades later. Sinclair recounted the campaign in I, Candidat