Economic history – the Roaring Twenties – Part 3

By Kiron Kasbekar | 01 Mar 2024

This part, the third and last part, will look briefly at the new cultural styles that flourished, including jazz and swing in America, and the rebellious art scene in Europe. The world had recovered not only from the First World War, in which an estimated 20 million people were killed, but also from the Spanish Flu, which killed between 25 and 50 million people worldwide.

Economic history – the Roaring Twenties – Part 2

By Kiron Kasbekar | 29 Feb 2024

In the first part of this story, ‘The Roaring Twenties- Part 1’ we saw how the American and Western European economies bounced back from the devastation of the First World War, created revolutionary new products, such as remarkable new automobiles and aeroplanes, and how road networks were expanded. Now there were new experiences for people to enjoy in their homes.

Economic history – the Roaring Twenties – Part 1

By Kiron Kasbekar | 28 Feb 2024

We know about the two World Wars; and we know that between those two wars, there was a Great Depression when the economies of most countries simply collapsed, causing untold misery to hundreds of millions of people. But there was another very important period between those two World Wars and before the Great Depression that is often not talked about. It was called the Roaring Twenties.

How Ratan Tata turned the tables on Bill Ford

By Aniket Gupta | 27 Feb 2024

Ratan Tata, the great man from the House of Tata, is often lauded for his humility as well as charismatic persona, love for animals, larger-than-life philanthropic endeavors, and decades of hard work to expand the Tata Group. But did you know that there was a time when this Indian business leader had to face humiliation from an American businessman?

The road to automobile innovation: Ford’s quest from 1970 onwards

By Aniket Gupta | 26 Feb 2024

The previous two articles in this 3-part series focused on the establishment of Ford Motor Company and some of the groundbreaking cars it had manufactured in the first 60 years since its inception. But the automobile industry is a tough industry. Like any other carmaker, Ford Motor Company, with all its glorious history, has also had to struggle to survive the challenges it encountered along its way.

The road to automobile innovation: Ford beyond the 1940s

By Aniket Gupta | 23 Feb 2024

In the previous article of this series, we explored the birth and childhood of Henry Ford, the creator of the Ford Motor Company. We also saw how, after several attempts, Henry Ford was finally able to establish the company in 1903. This part will explore Ford’s rise from the 1940s to the 1960s. We will also explore some famous creations by Ford during this era.

Did Coca-Cola ever contain cocaine?

By Aniket Gupta | 20 Feb 2024

Whether Musk was serious about buying the iconic cola giant is still up in the air, but the real twist comes when he mentions “Put cocaine back in it.” What on Earth did he mean by “back”? Was Coca-Cola once laced with cocaine? Have we, the unsuspecting consumers, been unwittingly sipping on a soda loaded with the white stuff? And how in the world has the brand escaped unscathed?

The road to automobile innovation: Henry Ford

By Aniket Gupta | 19 Feb 2024

Automobiles, the preserve of the very rich when they were first introduced in the first decades of the 20th century, and for many decades afterward, have now become a part of our daily lives, emerging as indispensable companions. Some many inventors and entrepreneurs contributed to the development of this industry; but one stands out – Henry Ford.

ISRO: Making giant strides in the 21st century

By Aniket Gupta | 08 Feb 2024

In the previous article in the series on the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), we saw how the space organization began and how some of the founding members of the organization and leaders of the country helped shape ISRO into what it is today. In this article, we will see a more in-depth focus on the missions conducted by ISRO in the 21st century.

Charles Ponzi: The architect of fraud

By Aniket Gupta | 07 Feb 2024

Have you ever heard of a Ponzi scheme? If you have read my article on the Ponzi scheme in, then I am sure you know what it is. The fraudulent scheme was devised by a man named Charles Ponzi. So who was Charles Ponzi? An Italian immigrant who scammed some 30,000 people in the US and Canada to make millions of dollars for himself.

Nuclear power – to build or not to build?

By Kiron Kasbekar | 03 Feb 2024

The story of nuclear energy began as a wartime secret, soon became a means to rain death and destruction on two cities in Japan. Nuclear energy has great potential to bring humanity back from the brink of an unprecedented energy crisis and environmental disaster. But can we depend on it?

The birth and rise of ISRO

By Aniket Gupta | 30 Jan 2024

Since 1969 India has been reaching for the skies. Literally. And the agency that is helping it do that is the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), an organization made up of scientific brilliance and grit. From its humble beginnings in 1969, it is now reaching out to the Moon, Mars, and the Sun. And it has even more ambitious plans for the future. But its beginnings were as ambitious as they are today, and it is those ambitions that have sustained this space agency.


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